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"Pandemic-Proof" Blueprint 
Learn How to Flip Houses From Home and Make $5k-$10k In The Next 30 Days,  Using Only Your Laptop, Tablet, Or Phone!

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Secrets Revealed:
Imagine Discovering the Strategies and Steps That Investors are Using to Generate Thousands of Dollars Right Now in the middle of the pandemic!
(And you don't even have to burn a hole in your pocket to do this - I PROMISE!)
From: Antonio Edwards
Los Angeles, CA

Hi there fellow real estate entrepreneur,

COVID-19 really put the whole world on its toes in the last several months.

Multi-billion dollar businesses started closing shops and began downsizing. Industries that used to seem indifferent to economic downturns suddenly stood at attention. Powerful economies all around the world ground to a halt. 

Companies are going under. People are losing jobs left and right. Savings are quickly getting depleted. Credit limits are getting maxed out. 

No one is being spared.

Except, perhaps, people like this…

Did you see the date on that check? 

That deal was closed right in the middle of this pandemic!

Here’s another one:
That’s a 19-year old kid showing off his check from his second deal - plus, he’s already got the third one in the works!

I have tons of testimonials from my students who can attest and prove that they’ve been closing deals and making money flipping houses right now in the middle of this pandemic.

And it’s all because of the House Flipper Academy.

You see, I know what it feels like to be in a desperate place, living from paycheck to paycheck, struggling to make both ends meet, having no economic and financial stability. 

I understand the fear that keeps you awake at night. I’ve experienced the helplessness of being broke and the embarrassment of having a credit score so low that if it were dollars, I and my son would go hungry in less than a week.

I was a single-dad trying to raise my son alone by driving delivery trucks and doing odd jobs on the side. I knew my son would end up just like me or even worse if I didn’t do something real quick.

It was real estate investing that turned our lives around.

But it wasn’t easy.

At the time I was getting started, there was no Youtube. There were no free webinars. I had to learn everything on my feet. I didn’t have money for a coach or a high-end course, so I made do with what instruction I can get my hands on. 

In fact, when I closed my very first deal where I made $12,500, I only had $190 to my name and a credit score of 560.
It was a “do-or-die” “make-it-or-break-it” deal.
Good thing, I Made It and The Rest is History!
That being said, I have always tried my best to look after struggling beginner investors. I always do my best to offer a helping hand whenever I can and to develop programs specifically targeted at giving beginner investors a boost. And in all my years of doing this, I’ve always encountered the same questions from newbie investors:

  • Is it really possible to do real estate investing using none of your own cash or credit? 
  • ​Is it really possible to do real estate investing with no experience whatsoever?
  • ​Is it really a good time to invest in real estate right now?
So I decided to put a program together that will not only answer these questions but also serve as a step-by-step guide for beginning investors in their journey to closing their first deals, and eventually their second, third, and so on.
That’s where House Flipper Academy comes from...
I simply expanded on those common questions I get from newbie investors:
  • Where can I find motivated sellers and wholesale deals in my market?
  • ​How do I know if this will work in my particular market?
  • How do I set up a system that reliably gives me access to sellers willing to sell me their properties at a discount?
  • How do I find comps or comparables so I know exactly what to offer to any seller?
  • ​How do I fill out the contracts?
  • ​Where do I find cash buyers?
  • ​And How do I find a title company in my market?
...And condensed them into 3 main elements:
  • You need to know where to find motivated sellers - property owners who need to get rid of their houses fast and are willing to sell you their properties at a discount. You may not realize this but you can find this in any market. They’re there. They’re right in your backyard. You just need to know where and how to get a hold of them.  This actually covers the first 3 questions above.
  • You need to get the house under contract at a discounted price - first, you need to know how much properties are selling for in the area so you know how much to offer. You’ll need access to comps for this. Then you need to get the house under contract so you can flip it to your cash buyer.  This covers the fourth and fifth questions above.
  • You need to know where to find cash buyers - this is a common misconception that beginner investors have - that it’s difficult to get a hold of cash buyers. Guys, it’s the exact opposite. As there are motivated sellers in every market, there are also cash buyers ready, willing, and able to buy properties right now in every market. Again, you just need to know where and how to get a hold of them. This covers the sixth and seventh questions above.
Inside the House Flipper Academy, you’ll find training video after training video and resource after resource that cover all these elements step-by-step.
Nothing is left to chance or guesswork. 

Everything you need is here:
  • You need to know how to find motivated sellers in your market? Boom! We got step-by-step videos for that.
  • You need to know how to talk to sellers over the phone? Boom! We got scripts for that.
  • ​You need to know how to overcome a particular objection? Boom! Our scripts cover that as well!
  • ​You need to send out direct mail for your marketing? Boom! We got templates you can use.
  • ​You need to know how to use ringless voicemail (RVM) or text blasts for your marketing? Boom! We show you how to do that and give you scripts you can use too!
  • ​You need to know how to fill out a particular form or contract? Boom! We got a video tutorial for that.
  • ​You need to know how to get comparative market analysis or comps so you know how much to offer? Boom! We got a detailed lesson for that.
Here’s What You’ll Find Inside House Flipper Academy:
  • Wholesaling Training Modules - complete training modules from A-Z designed to take you from zero real estate investing knowledge to being able to wholesale a property like an expert. Again, nothing is left to chance or guesswork here. If you have a question about wholesaling and finding deals, the answer is here.
  • Contracts and Documents - I personally spent thousands of dollars to get all my contracts and forms drafted by lawyers and real estate experts from all over the country. As a House Flipper Academy member, you get access to these contracts and forms for use in all of your deals. And don’t worry about not knowing how to fill out these contracts. I got you covered as well with complete training videos showing how to accomplish these contracts and documents fully.
  • Finding Cash Buyers Modules - complete training modules that teach you how to find cash buyers, how to create a list of cash buyers, how to network with cash buyers, how to get cash buyers to call you instead of you calling them. Work on this early on, and you’ll be set up for life. Motivated sellers and even fellow investors will be calling you because they know you have a solid cash buyers list.
  • Cold Calling Scripts - you don’t need to worry about not knowing what to say to your prospects over the phone. We got scripts for any kind of situation imaginable. These scripts even include how you can overcome the most common objections you’ll most probably encounter when talking to either sellers or buyers. Use these scripts long enough and soon you’ll be developing your own signature approach to talking with prospects.
  • Marketing Templates - marketing is part of real estate investing. With House Flipper Academy, you’ll have access to our ringless voice mail (RVM) scripts, text messaging (SMS) scripts, Facebook Marketplace marketing strategy, direct mail templates and all other marketing materials you’ll ever need so you don’t have to go through the process by trial-and-error.
  • Online Training Academy - you’ll not only learn strictly about wholesaling inside House Flipper Academy. You’ll also learn some advanced investing techniques you can add to your arsenal. What if your seller requires earnest money or a downpayment? How do you do a double closing? What if the property your wholesaling has liens? All of these questions and more are covered inside House Flipper Academy.
I know what you’re thinking
Antonio, does this really work?
"Thank you to Antonio Edwards for showing us how to flip Real estate without using our money or credit." - Luc and Leslie
"Thank you so much to House Flipper Academy. You guys were very instrumental in this whole process." - Greg Hucks
"I just locked up my 2nd deal with no money, no credit and no real estate license. Thank You So Much!" - Dev
"Closed Her First Deal For a Whopping $15,000 profit without using any of her money and credit."  - Keonna Nichole
"Make a $10k profit on a duplex using the no money out of pocket strategies he learned in the House Flipper Academy." - Alex Filipponi
"Closed his first deal of $3,500 in just three weeks of joining the House Flipper Academy."  - Octavius Wright
"Closed two deals for an $18k profit within the first two months of Joining House Flipper Academy." - Rich Scott
So YES! The House Flipper Academy Works!
So the next question you’re probably asking in your head is... 

“So how much is it to get in the academy, Antonio?”

Well, one of the biggest ideas behind the creation and development of House Flipper Academy is to address all the questions and objections beginner investors have that’s holding them back from diving into the business.

And as far as objections go, perhaps one of the most common and dreaded is cost - “How much is it?”

That’s understandable.

After all, sometimes it’s true that it takes money to make money. But it doesn’t have to take a lot of money to do it.

That’s why I’m letting you in on the House Flipper Academy for just $97 monthly.

But that’s not all.

I’m prepared to make this offer an absolute no-brainer for you.
Enroll in the House Flipper Academy Today
and Get These FREE Bonuses!
Bonus #1 - Auction Flipper Training Course
Learn How to Earn Income Using Zillow Without Owning Any Real Estate
Total Value: $97.00
This includes the complete video training modules on how to find and win auction properties. In case you don’t know yet or you were informed incorrectly, you can wholesale auction properties and this complete video training will teach you how to do it step-by-step.

Bonus #2 - House Flipper Academy Mini-Mastermind
Network With Other Members of the House Flipper Academy Mastermind
Total Value: $197.00
You’ll have access to not only MYSELF, but the entire House Flipper Academy network. You’ll be able to ask me plus the my network of investors anything related to flipping properties in your market. You can even network with each other and do deals together. It’s a great way to accelerate your learning curve.

Bonus #3 - Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls With Me
Ask Me and My Staff Any Question You Want on Our Coaching Calls
Total Value: $297.00
We’ll have a bi-weekly coaching session so you can personally ask me your burning questions about your deals and I can answer you directly. So if you’re not convinced that your fellow HFA members can answer your questions, you can ask me directly. Cool?.

Bonus #4 - My Funding Portal
Use My Funding Portal When You Need Help With Transactional Funding
Total Value: $197.00
You know how I talked about double closing a while ago? There are instances that in order for you to do a double close, the Title Company will require you to come up with your A-B Transaction funding. If that’s the case or in any other situation where you’ll need funding for your deals, I got you covered! You’ll be able to access the same Funding Portal I use in my own company to do double closings. BOOM!
So Let's Recap, With Just $97 Monthly, You Get Access to:
  • The Wholesaling Training Modules
  • Contracts and Documents
  • ​Finding Cash Buyers Modules
  • ​Cold Calling Scripts
  • ​Direct Mail Templates
  • ​Online Training Academy
Plus, you also get:
  • Bonus #1 - My Auction Training Course
  • ​Bonus #2 - The House Flipper Academy Mini-Mastermind
  • ​Bonus #3 - The Bi-Weekly Coaching Call with Me
  • ​Bonus #4 - Access to my Funding Portal
You’ll be nuts not to go for this right now!
I guarantee you, no one can beat that value, Especially With Results Like These:
So, are you ready to take control of your financial future and make your bank account recession-proof, economic downturn-proof, pandemic-proof, and generally bullet-proof?

Hit that join now button and I’ll see you inside House Flipper Academy!
All the best,
Antonio Edwards

P.S. If you’re thinking, “Is this really worth my $97/month?”

Think about it.

One of the videos above talked about how Octavius was able to make $3,500 within 3 weeks of joining the program. 

Now let me ask you - if you only end up making $3,500 monthly in exchange for a $97 membership, is it worth it?

Now remember, that was just Octavius’ first deal. He’s already gone on to close multiple deals since.

But just for the sake of argument, you only end up closing 1 deal for $3,500 profit each month for a $97 monthly membership, is it worth it?
And here’s the secret behind this.

While you’re working on your $3,500 deals, you’re actually gaining the experience you’ll need to close the big deals!

So in reality, even if you end up closing just your $3,500 deals for the first couple months, your 5-digit and even 6-digit deals aren’t that far off in the future! You just keep at it.

So of course the $97/month membership is worth it!

So, shall I see you inside?

How, if you’re wondering how big of a deal you can close using what I teach inside the House Flipper Academy, check this out...
How crazy is that?

Again, that could be you.

It’s all possible. If they can do it, if I can do it, if 19-year old Dev can do it, SO CAN YOU!

So are you ready to take what remains of 2020 back from COVID-19 and start making $5,000 to $10,000 within the next 30 days and even more afterward on through 2021 and beyond?
Click that Join Now button now and I and the rest of the academy will see you on the other side!
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